BREAKING NEWS: UnWoke Investing Partners with 2nd Vote to Deliver Judeo/Christian Investment Management

UnWoke Investing is a free, open-source, public resource to expose the harmful “woke”/Left/ESG influence on Finance and investments. Our whistle-blowers find and report on the companies and investments you don’t want, so you can “defund the woke.” This is where 2nd Vote comes in…

Your 1st Vote is at the ballot box, your 2nd Vote is with your wallet – after that, invest wisely.

You may know 2nd Vote – Shop Your Values as the web-tool to help you spend your money more wisely, avoiding “woke” companies, but did you know that 2nd Vote also offers funds and investment management? They’ve turned their research into Judeo/Christian investment options.

Investments you can be proud of, that match your values! 2nd Vote funds are not only UnWoke Investments, they’re actually beating the benchmark, as of January 2023 (see us or search online for performance reporting).

Followers of UnWoke Investing – defund the “woke” get discounts on 2nd Vote Advisers products and services. Simply contact 2nd Vote Advisers and mention “UnWoke” or contact UnWoke Investments and we’ll get you set up in no time! These are two great options – work directly with 2nd Vote Advisors or work directly with UnWoke Founder Jonathan Broadbent.

Don’t want to work with us or directly with 2nd Vote? That’s okay, you can find 2nd Vote Funds on many platforms; ask your Broker/Advisor about 2nd Vote funds.
Want to add 2nd Vote funds to your retirement plan? Contact UnWoke Investing, we’ll walk you through getting them added to your plan.