What is UnWoke Investing?

UnWoke Investing is an open-source, public resource to expose the harmful
woke-Left/ESG influence on the world of finance, money, and investments. Our whistle-blowers
find and report on the companies and investments you don’t want,
so you can “defund the woke.”

Do you want your investment dollars to fund “woke” endeavors by corporations and entities that are harming our country and working against your values? If your answer is “No!” read on, it’s easier than you think…

Step 1 Uncover the “woke”
Understand how your investment dollars are used to prop up “woke” companies. UnWoke Investing is better positioned than almost anyone else in the United States to communicate on “woke” ESG.

Step 2 Find Alternatives
The next step is to find better alternatives. Let UnWoke help you move your investments to solid companies that support your values by following our research or contact us to take advantage of the Shareholder-Neutral or Judeo/Christian portfolios we’re building and managing.

Step 3 Performance Tracking
We believe that by focusing on traditional, Judeo-Christian/Western values, and avoiding “woke” ESG, investments you will do good while also doing well, and you can once again be proud of what you own!

Step 4 Enjoy a better life, UnWoke!


Knowing what to avoid is a big first step… what next? This is where solid, traditional, Capitalist, Judeo/Christian research comes in…
Invest your values – know where you Donate, Invest, or Spend (we call it “DIS the Left).
UnWoke will give you the tools and knowledge to take your money out of the hands of the woke-Left and put it into companies you can be proud to own, shop, and work with.

Defund the “woke”. We’ll help conquer ESG, DEI, CBDC, CEI and all the other woke-Left influence on your life and wallet. 

LibertyLinks: https://libertylinks.io/UnWokeInvesting
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