Is now the time to go UnWoke in your portfolio?

Considering pulling your 401(k)/IRA money out of "woke"? Good for you! Here's a glimpse of our FREE, open-source Patriot Portfolio guidance. This is simply a roughly equal allocation to each of the companies we've screened/vetted so far. People all over the country (and maybe the world) are taking back control of their finances.Many publicly traded companies - both U.S. and International - are artificially propped up by easy money right now. BE skeptical! Have you ever wondered how/why some companies' stock prices go up even while the company isn't doing well? Part of Wall Street's secret is using your money to fund "woke" ESG companies and causes. Think of this like sending checks to your enemies. If you don't want "woke" ESG, don't fund them.At UnWoke Investing, we ask the…
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