Clearbridge Investments: under the “woke” ESG microscope

UnWoke Investing: new report released on Clearbridge Investments

As promised, “woke” ESG reports on money manager Clearbridge. Don’t worry about making sense of this if you don’t want to. If you’re a skilled investor, you can use this information as you see fit. If you’re a novice, read deeper and keep following the detail we release. If you’re not interested in the report but still are concerned about your hard earned investment monies being used to fund/promote Leftist causes and businesses, follow our Step-by-Step instructions to Defund the “woke.” There are still spots available among the first 76 to get personalized help and content from us, if you want us to walk you through it (thanks in advance, that’ll help fund our work, while also probably saving you a lot of management fees!)

Whatever your choice, we sincerely hope that you’ll go UnWoke in your portfolio!
Full report:


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