Newly Asked Questions

(There are no Frequently Asked Questions yet for “woke” ESG – it’s too new for most people to know the damage and control it portends.)

QUESTION: I might get a better return from “woke” ESG investments. Why consider an UnWoke portfolio?
(part 1): if return on your investment is your only concern, perhaps you should not be considering UnWoke Investing. Our objective is very singular: to reduce or eliminate the monies available to Leftist causes and businesses.
(part 2): if we are right and We The People, (Global Patriots) are able to wrestle control of politics, currency, and power back from the global elites, one of the first things that will happen is a return of sanity to investments. Only companies with strong fundamentals will prosper. Then it may be the UnWoke Investments that prove to be the better investments. We have hope, but cannot predict the winner or loser in this fight.

QUESTION: I like Indexing. Is there a way to go UnWoke while also investing in index-like pooled investments?
Unfortunately, no. Not yet.
While it is true that there are many indexes, most major companies are either going “woke” or are being pressured to do so. Those large companies, due to the structure and original creation of indexes, often comprise large portions of the index itself. (This is called “market-cap weighted,” which means that the bigger the company, the bigger its representation in an index. So, mega-global companies are likely to be a big portion of the index, which means that any company trying to duplicate the index is going to be purchasing a lot of those “woke” companies.)
Eventually, it stands to reason that UnWoke Investments, in the broader, global sense, will catch up to the Leftist companies and their offerings. At that time, there will be many UnWoke Investments available and new indexes will be created to track them. We’re not there yet.
QUESTION: is ESG connected to a potential “social credit score” that might be used to control the population?
This certainly seems logical and likely. It is difficult to know for certain all ultimate aims of the creators of “woke” far-Left ideologies; however, it does seem that all elements are aimed at manipulating and controlling a global populace (hence the term “globalists”). Couple this with the massive and undue control those in power will have over business and commerce – along with planned scarcity of food, power, and other essentials – and have a reasonable guess as to where ESG might lead.
QUESTION: I’ve been hearing a lot about money managers starting UnWoke pooled investments, like mutual funds or exchange traded funds (“ETFs”), are they worth pursuing?
Perhaps not right away. Pooled investments, like mutual funds and ETFs will take some time to establish themselves. It may be worth jumping in right away, if you really trust the manager and believe they’ll do a good job with your money, but for now, they have no track-record of selecting good companies. (For our purposes, we’re defining “good companies” as not-“woke”.)
There is an important distinction between what UnWoke Investing is advocating, for the moment, and what investment managers are offering…
– Investment managers need for you to trust them, that they are going to do with your money what you want them to do, and that they’ll do it consistently and well, never deviating from the mission, and they need you to believe that their fees are reasonable and justified. They will also need you to move your money from wherever it is, to them/their firm. In other words, you will pay a management fee for their ongoing, discretionary trading on your behalf. They will hold your money and invest it for you, for an ongoing fee.
– UnWoke Investing provides you with lists of, (in our estimation) worthwhile investments and suggest that you consider investing in these companies, wherever your money. There is no management fee, unless you choose to work with us directly, at which point we provide personalized instruction as to how to make the trades and how much of each company we specifically recommend for you (this is sometimes called “asset allocation”). We have no requirement that your money be on any particular trading platform or in any specific type of account. We do not charge a management fee, instead electing a flat-fee, annual amount. As mentioned elsewhere, from date of launch, the first 76 people who choose this personalized service will pay a flat-fee of $1,000 per year (likely much less than is currently being assessed), the next 76 people who help fund our work by electing personalized service will pay $2,000. We’ll provide additional guidance from that point. We are also providing additional special access to such UnWoke subscribers, but none of this is necessary to utilize our guidance.
In our view, we do not compete with investment managers. It is almost certain that we will eventually work with any and all investment managers who prove themselves UnWoke. We are, however, cautious about entrusting them with money until they’ve had some opportunity to prove themselves.

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