Disclaimers and Notes

The primary Founder of UnWoke Investing, Jonathan Broadbent also owns parts of other businesses. UnWoke Investing is no way, shape, or form associated with any other business or entity; it is a stand-alone service to We The People.
While Mr. Broadbent may have access to certain people, resources, or information via his business contacts and other companies, no such companies, resources, reports, or people are in any way connected to or affiliated with UnWoke Investing.
UnWoke Investing is a free and open public resource designed for Patriotic, Freedom Loving, Free Market enthusiasts who may seek alternatives to “woke” ESG, politically “Left” investing.
There are paid options, outlined below, for individuals, families, or employers, which will be our primary source of funding UnWoke Investing. They are simple, transparent, and likely stand to save investors a great deal of money, along with providing best efforts to guide investment dollars away from “woke” Left causes and companies.

Why UnWoke Investing?
We are not going through this exercise because we believe these stocks are going to perform better than other stocks or better than some benchmark (although, we certainly hope they do!) We are creating and will continue to curate these lists and reports and share them freely with the public because we believe that it is important that people who believe in America, and what she stands for, and Western values of Freedom, Liberty, Equality, and the pursuit of happiness should not have their money funneled into investments in companies with which they may not agree.

Almost as important as the companies into which your money is invested, there should be an expectation that money invested by money managers make some sort of sense. Historically, investment recommendations have been made based upon a company’s Fundamentals. This simpy means that, on paper, the company looks good; they have good management, a good product, good earnings potential, maybe they have few competitors, or own some vital patents. However, growingly, this approach is being ignored in favor of investing in companies that gain high government approval for reasons that can often seem unclear. Companies with a high ESG score, for instance, might have lousy fundamentals. Investing in this way is, for lack of a better way of putting it, virtue-signaling with your hard-earned investment dollars. This doesn’t necessarily mean that some ESG stock prices might go up; however, it does mean that the people typically in charge of looking out for your wellbeing, who have the responsibility of being able to explain to you why they recommend certain investments, may not be able to justify their recommendations. Recent examples include “green energy” companies that received very high price valuations, but had no real supporting Fundamentals to justify them… some people got caught up in the IDEA that such a company might make a great breakthrough in energy discovery, production, storage, or distribution, but until that happens, it’s purely speculation, with ever-greater risk of loss as the price soars.

Caveat Emptor
Buyer beware. We will be doing something “old-school” with our recommendations – we are going to share with you the Fundamentals and investor reports associated with the investments we’re recommending; however, this does not mean we’re making any sort of guarantee. We are purely speculating that the combination of transparency and the will of America and the West to fight will ultimately win and that UnWoke, less manipulated or artificial, free markets will prevail. If you do not agree with this, UnWoke Investing is not for you. To put this another way, we are contrarian: as many people either go “woke” or allow their portfolio/investments to be funneled into “woke” investments, we are going the other way, adhering to age-old principles of Free Markets.

Free? Really?
Yes, really. For as long as we’re able to get away with it, we are going to publish our reports and provide our guidance on every major platform (or at least just the ones we find interesting that don’t kick us off). Take our recommendations and run with them. Use whatever part(s) you like and discard the rest. Share freely.

Is there part that is not free?
Only if you choose it.    In order to fund our efforts, we’re offering to help people initiate our guidance. We’ll come up with allocation percentages (this means how much of each company to buy) and help oversee the purchases in your portfolio. Then you’ll get first look at all our new guidance, real-time, as we update our advice and reports. The first 76 people who choose this route will pay $1,000 per year, flat fee (if this sounds like a lot, take a look at how much you’re paying (woke?) managers now). The next 76 will pay $2,000 per year, flat fee. After that, we’ll post updates. There is also an option for companies to save money while adding UnWoke options – more on this below. It’s as simple as that. Really. Take our FREE guidance and run with it, defunding “woke” in the process, or ask for our help and we’ll help you do it. Plus, you’ll gain real-time access to our outlook/advice. Either way, you’ll be changing from paying a Manager to a buy-and-hold strategy. Note: depending upon who holds your account(s), there may be trading fees to buy the stocks; this should still be less cost to you than management fees from most managers, and most importantly, eliminates “woke” from your portfolio.

None.    No person or business involved in the preparation of this or any associated UnWoke Investing report has ownership in any of the following companies

Can retirement accounts invest in UnWoke Investments?
Yes, with very few exceptions. According to all applicable rules and regulations, nearly all types of accounts can hold stocks. IRAs, 401(k)s, brokerage/investment accounts, etc. Some types of retirement accounts, such as 403(b) might limit investors to pooled accounts, such as mutual funds or sub-accounts. It is our intention to help the holders of any such account, eventually, by reporting on the full range of “woke” pooled investments, allowing for searches for “least ‘woke'” or “less ‘woke'” among options. For most all other types of investment accounts, the ability to purchase and hold stocks should be easy. If a plan, such as a workplace 401(k) does not allow for the purchase of stocks, inquire with Human Resources and/or the Company CFO or CEO about adding it. We will report extensively on the process of prudently adding Self-Directed Brokerage Window. UnWoke Investing will post step-by-step instructions to add Self-Directed Brokerage Window (“SDBW”, also sometimes called Self-Directed Brokerage Account or “SDBA” to workplace retirement plans, such as 401(k). Employers can also check with their plan’s provider.  In order to fund our efforts, we’re offering to help companies establish SDBW, establish recommended fiduciary files, notify Participants and Beneficiaries, assess the merits of the plan’s offerings, provide employee education, and other such services, replacing any existing brokers, bank representatives, insurance agents, or sales agencies that may be connected to the plan as Plan Advisors. The first 20 companies that choose this route will pay $10,000 per year, flat fee (if this sounds like a lot, take a look at a current “408(b)(2) Fee Disclosure Statement” illustrating current plan fees). The next 20 will pay $20,000 per year, flat fee. After that, we’ll post updates. 

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